Donating Items

We appreciate you partnering with us to serve families.  We are a volunteer run organization and ask that you please follow the below guidelines to help us utilize all donations in the best way possible.

What We Accept


Other Items

We ask that all clothing be ON TREND and new or very gently used.  Children coming into care deserve to look and feel their best during this difficult time of their lives.  
* Sizes preemie to teen/adult XXXL
*  New or gently used shoes
*  Coats
*  Winter gear (hats, gloves, boots)

New Items

*  Diapers (most needed are sizes 4, 5 and 6)
*  Pajamas
*  Underwear
*  Socks
*  Hygiene products
*  African American hair products
*  School supplies
*  Car seats
*  New gym shoes
Please make sure all items are new or gently used and in good working condition with all pisces and parts.  

* All baby items (bottles, swaddlers, monitors, etc)
*  Non-drop down side cribs and mini cribs (please attach hardware to the crib)
*  Crib mattresses (good condition without rips)
*  Strollers (clean and in good condition)
*  High chairs & booster seats
*  New and very gently used Bedding (sheets, comforters, blankets)
*  Toys for all ages (please make sure they have working pieces)
*  Puzzles & games
*  DVDs & Video games/consoles
*  Outdoor toys
*  Halloween costumes
*  School supplies
*  Books (for all ages)
*  Bibles
*  Cameras

Items NOT Accepted

* Used underwear
* Logo shirts (from the last team you were on, run you completed, etc)
* Furniture (except cribs)
* Used car seats

How can my donation be the most helpful?

ALL donations must be thoroughly cleaned.
ubber band/bag pairs of shoes, pajamas or any clothing sets.
Organize and box/bag items with like sizes and gender. Please label donations.
Bag and label any items that are multiples (socks, undershirts, game pieces, etc.)
If donating puzzles, count pieces ahead of time to make sure it is a complete set.
*Donations can be dropped off any Wednesday we are open for families to shop.  
Please see our Facebook page for the most up-to-date information.